Welcome to the Judge My Legend site.  The name itself symbolizes the greatness, or legend if you will, inside everybody.  Everything we do in this life is done for a reason, whether it is for ourselves, those we care about, or maybe even those that doubt us.  Judge My Legend wants to share our story to inspire you to achieve your legend.  On our individual journeys to achieving that legend, there will be life.  Life tends to throw obstacles and experiences that leave you questioning that journey you are on.  We’re here to help you overcome, and use that roadblock as motivation.   The majority of us are still on the road to achieving what we want in life, and those that have achieved, most likely have the hunger for more.  Whatever stage you are at, look to this if you’re ever struggling through a week or a month.  At times, it’s hard to stay positive, or continue on a journey that nobody else understands; we got ya.  If you have a vision, we want to help you see it out.   Tune in Thursdays, for your weekly dose.

Although we all grow and learn differently, it’s nice to have a support system.   We’ll give you that support once a week.  Shoot, who knows?  If the feedback is spectacular and we are reaching a good number of people, we can work something more out.  The goal here is not to inspire you for the moment of reading, but to leave that lasting seed of growth.  We don’t wish to inspire you for a moment, but a lifetime.  When that source of excessive motivation leaves you, draw on these words for that extra push.  It’s hard to stay driven and hungry all the time, but we’re here to help you do just that.

The Writer of at Judge My Legend also provides Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking services.

To Contact: jaredevl@gmail.com


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